RCS Cartage Services


RCS Cartage has storage space available for our customers. Our warehouse is heated, and is Food Grade Compliant for dry goods. The area has multiple loading docks and ramp access up to dock height.

Inventory Control is based on the customer’s requirements, from once per month updates to daily reports if needed.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tractor Service

Tractor service and regional/local cartage is available. Our fleet of of trucks is ready to go to work for you! GPS tracking for all vehicles means we know where our equipment is and are in communication with the drivers.

RCS Cartage offers local cartage and contracted line haul services to RCS Cartage Service Points

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


RCS Cartage offers temperature controlled and dry freight services five days a week between Calgary and most locations in Southern Alberta. Overnight service is available to and from Calgary; check our service guide and Coverage Area on this website for a full schedules list. We can accommodate your shipment size from one piece (known as Less Than a Truckload or LTL) to multiple truckloads (or TLs).

RCS Cartage is also partnered with major carriers allowing us to move loads anywhere across Canada and the United States. 

Dock refrigerated and freezer space is available to maintain proper product temperatures for smaller shipments. We serve dairy, beverage, automotive, consumer retail, agriculture, manufacturing and many other industries.

Cross Docking

Cross docking services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service includes limited to short term storage, truck-to-truck transfers and local deliveries. RCS Cartage can cross dock as little as a single pallet all the way up to a full truckload. Inter-modal container unloading is also available.

We Take Safety Seriously!

COR certificate of recognition

RCS Cartage is a COR-certified business through Alberta’s Partnerships in Injury Reduction program. PIR is a joint venture between the Alberta government and the Workers’ Compensation Board which encourages companies to develop a safety management system that meets the PIR standard. Companies that achieve the standard are granted a Certificate Of Recognition (COR) which also entitles them to reduced WCB premiums. COR-certified companies typically have 20 percent fewer injury claims as compared to their industry’s standards.

A safer team will always assure your shipment is more likely to reach its destination on time and in good condition.